We work both with Client's designer or architect drawings, and our own, based on the Client's general idea. Everything starts with a conversation with the Client, during which we are aiming to recognise and understand their needs so that the final product meets them in the best way possible. We are happy to offer advice based on our own experience, but we are also open to new ideas and we are constantly looking for inspirations worldwide.

During this stage we visit the spaces where the furniture will eventually go - we check measurements, and start planning the logistics. Based on this, we prepare 2D cross-section drawings, discuss materials to be used and check their avalability and suitability, plus the feasibility of the concept. Then we calculate the total cost of the project - sometimes in several variants for the Client to choose. We also agree the basic production schedule.

After the initial project approval we source and present samples of material to the Client (minimum 3 of each to chose from). Most of the times it is crucial to get the pattern of the wood, or colour of the stone, exactly right - and that's why we pay extra attention to that stage of the process, making sure that the final look of the piece will be satisfactory to the Client. Materials are sourced in Poland, as well as abroad.

After we have agreed on the materials, the next thing to do is specify and draw each detail. We check if everything should be manufactured as per designer's vision, or whether we can simplify the design without compromising on looks or usability, which would give the Client a cost reduction. Once ready, the detailed project drawings and 3D visualisations are presented to the Client for approval. We also agree the final price and sign a contract.

The construction engineer - production team supervisor - prepares detailed production drawings and discusses them individually with carpenters. Each carpenter is tasked to manufacture specific parts, so it is easy to monitor progress of the entire project. During this stage each detail is talked over so that anything unclear comes out straightaway. Finished drawings are sent to our procurement team to quantify and order materials.

The only remaining thing is to order in the materials and accessories, set up the machines, gather tools and commence production. The construction engineer supervises each stage in real time - that gives us best possible control over quality, and minimises the risk of errors. At all stages, we are in touch with the Client to inform them about progress. Once the set has been completed, checked and catalogued, it is despatched to the Client.
On request, we provide an installation team to put the furniture together - for more crucial or complex projects it can be the same team that manufactured the goods to troubleshoot on site if necessary.